How To Create Mass Influence

Teresa deGrosbois shares how we can create a word of mouth epidemic. She reveals how she was able to have her book Mass Influence hit bestseller status the day it was released! She uncovers the concrete strategies to have mass influence and the daily steps we need to take to get there. Teresa also revealed the best way to connect with centers of influence and how connecting with them can skyrocket your success.

Your Map to Integrity in Life and Business

Wylene Benson shares her incredible journey of enduring a heart attack caused by stress and how it woke her up the realization that she was not living her purpose. She uncovers the tangible steps to heal from the limiting beliefs that hold us back. She also reveals a two-step process of how to get daily divine inspiration so you can live your purpose. Wylene shares a story that has never been told before on a podcast about an edge of her faith and how she overcame it.

Feeling Checks

Many couples feel alone even when they are together. This is because they don’t feel heard or understood by their partner. In this episode, Connie Benjamin shares how to stay connected to your partner even in the chaos of life. She reveals one simple tool that will help you to feel more loved and connected in your relationship.

How to Make More Money Doing What You Love

Katrina Sawa shares the biggest mistake that women entrepreneurs make and how to avoid it. She reveals why most women are not charging enough in their business and you can make more money doing what you love! She will uncover how your business success is related to your relationship happiness. Katrina will reveal the most effective next steps you need to take in marketing your business.

Your Greatest Asset

There is one thing that will make or break you. It is the one thing that can either hold you back from your dreams or unleash your greatest potential. It is the one thing that will define who you are and what you are capable of. It is the most incredible asset that you will ever possess. What is it you ask? It is YOU! In this episode, Connie Benjamin explains why you are your greatest asset and how you can empower yourself to step into becoming the person you are meant to be so you can create the life you have always wanted.

Picture Your Prosperity

Ellen Rogin shares the biggest financial mistake that women entrepreneurs make & how to overcome it. You will learn the best way for women entrepreneurs to deal with the feast & famine rollercoaster involved in running a business. Ellen’s concrete business advice combined with her awareness of how we think and act, helps her give us financial advice that is both doable and effective.

Moments that Change Everything

Often we feel like we need to have huge blocks of time to connect with the people we love most. This is not true. In this episode, Connie Benjamin reveals the secret of how to connect with the people we love most even in the chaos of life when we are busy and juggling many roles. She uncovers how to connect with your kids or your partner in just a few moments that will unlock the love and connection that you have always wanted.