How To Be More Confident

Do you want to feel more confident? Elle Russ is a confidence expert and she is going to walk you through what you need to know about being more confident so you can get better results in your business. She will share concrete stories and examples of how confidence will help you to not be pushed around and will help you to be more effective in your work so you can create a better future for yourself and your family.

The Secret to Money & Life Mastery

Dame Doria Cordova shares the biggest secrets to being successful in business and in life. Doria is a world expert who has spent her lifetime training the top leaders in personal development. She reveals how we can step into a conscious mindset that allows us to be successful financially, have full integrity, and truly connect with our highest potential.

You Are Necessary

Do you ever worry about your business failing? Anita Hawkins is a model, author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur extraordinaire and she shares her experience with business, philanthropy, modeling, and parenting. Anita shares the biggest mistakes that women business owners make and how to avoid it. She shares what she learned when one of her businesses failed and what she learned that helped her in her future success. Anita shared how she has overcome feelings of self-doubt and what she wishes every woman would know about who you are.

The Smart, Meaningful Way to Scale Your Business Without Creating a Monster

Natasha Mitchell shared on this interview a few powerful principles that she thought everyone should know one of which is how people should initially defining their dream life and then design your business around it not the other way around. When Natasha was 18, she contracted a rare virus that completely paralyzed her and ended up in hospital for 12 months (including a 3 week stint in the ICU). She overcame it by doing the work in physio and staying positive and refusing to believe that this would beat her. She learned at a very early age that life is fragile, messy and doesn’t always go as you'd hope it to be so it’s important to make the most of every opportunity, be flexible and adaptable. This motivated her to travel the world, meet amazing people and get successful corporate career. That experience has given her the confidence and resilience to create her own business.

An Entrepreneur’s Story of Juggling Babies and Business

Do you want to know how to create joint venture partnerships that will change your life and business? Isabel Donadio shares what you need to know about how to avoid the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make in attempting joint ventures. She reveals how to create joint venture partnerships that will change your life and business. Isabel shares the secret to getting projects done so you can share your greatness with the world.

Olenka’s Story…In A New Country With $450 To Her Name

Olenka Cullinan shares her best-kept secrets to stop preparing...start doing! In this episode, she will walk you through the concrete steps you need to take to map out your three targets for the year, and how to break them down into achievable steps. She will help you avoid the biggest mistakes that women entrepreneurs in startups make and will help you have clarity about the steps you need to take to make your business successful.

Content that Connects

Bianca Jackson shares why developing content that connects is so critical right now. She provides insider secrets about how to use technology to find your followers and provides practical tips about authentically connecting with them. Bianca tells us how to use LinkedIn to grow your business and gives life tested advice about how to reach out to new people and build relationships. Bianca also shares critical information about how to “not be weird.” in social media.

What Stress Really Is…It Likely Isn’t What You Think

Kathy Gruver shares incredible tips on what we can do to reduce our stress. She helps us to understand what stress really is and how to reduce our stress through awareness, and mindfulness. Kathy reveals concrete tools we can use in any situation to help us to feel less stressed, and more connected to the people we love. She provides real life stories about what helps her in stressful situations.

How to create more positive outcomes with intention and attitude

Do you want to know how to manifest what you want in life? Diane Forster shares what you need to know about how to create the life you want. She shares tangible actions you can take to create an unstoppable mindset and attract what you desire. She reveals a process you can use today to clear away blocks that are holding you back so you can create the life you want.