FINISH THAT BOOK With the Chunky Method

Allie Pleiter shares her amazing Chunky Method that helps writers to increase productivity and map out a timeline for writing their books. She also shares her incredible story about how she was able to continue writing and have faith when her teenage son was sick with life-threatening illnesses. Allie's experience and knowledge, as the author of over 50 books that have sold over 1.4 million copies worldwide is so incredible!

How to Design Your Destiny

Lisa Marie Platske shares her incredible story of going from Law Enforcement to Entrepreneurship. She shares how she has created her destiny by design by making her marriage a priority and designing a life that would support her in having an incredible marriage. She reveals tangible advice about how to be a real leader. You are going to love Lisa's ability to share truth and life-changing principles through her stories and willingness to serve. Did I mention that Lisa is an award-winning leadership expert recognized by the White House and best selling author in five countries?!

How to Take Off The Mask and Be Yourself

Connie Benjamin shares that she believes many women feel like they need to be perfect. She describes the pattern that happens when we are struggling with self-doubt that can cause us to show a version of ourselves to others that is seemingly perfect. The thing is though that it is through authenticity and vulnerability that we truly connect. Connie reveals how we can take off our masts so we can be ourselves and why doing so will bring us closer to the people around us and improve our businesses.

The Imposter Syndrome Remedy

Emee Vida Estacio shares the Imposter Syndrome Remedy. This condition is when we feel not good enough despite evidence that tells us we are and impacts 70% of people. It holds us back from stepping towards our purpose and potential and feeling joy from our accomplishments. In this incredible interview, Emee reveals how to quiet our inner critic, how to take action even when we are afraid, and what we can do to remedy Imposter Syndrome.

Turbulence is Good

Amy Lee Segami is an award-winning business consultant, professional speaker, engineer turned artist and entrepreneur. In this incredible interview, she shares life-changing insights about why turbulence is good and how it can transform us to become more than we believed possible. Her inspiring story is one of perseverance, self-discovery, belief, and beauty.