How To Create Passionate Intimacy

As women entrepreneurs, our relationships are 5-10% more at risk of divorce. We know that sex is one of the biggest causes of relationship stress. That’s why I have brought you Susan Bratton to share her top tips on how to feel more connected with your partner, and more passionate in the bedroom. She explains why sex is often not enjoyable for women and how you and your partner can turn that around to create more passion than most people think is possible.

Healing the Divide Between People

Chairidee Smith tells her incredible story of when her relationship with her husband fell apart. She shares how she found healing, forgiveness, and strength within herself that changed her life. Chairidee helps you to know what you can do when you go through your most difficult times. In this candid discussion, she shares what we can do to heal the divide between people to hear each other and heal the hurt that has been caused by discrimination, anger, and fear. I truly believe that this conversation is exactly what the world is waiting for us to heal the divide between us.