How to Overcome The Hardest Challenges of COVID-19

Kai Cole shares her incredible story of how her family is being impacted by COVI-19. She shares how she has dealt with her wedding being postponed and how her perspective has allowed her to feel excited about her future wedding. She shares how she has dealt with her son needing to stay with his grandparents because he is immune-compromised for his safety. She shares how she and her fiance have been impacted by losing several close family members. She shares how you can maintain hope and peace during the biggest storms of life

How to Energize Emotionally

Cordelia Gaffar shares why we need to energize emotionally so we can achieve results with weight management, being effective in our business, and with our family. She reveals the secret to managing difficult emotions and the strategies we can use when we feel them to feel them and let them go. She gives practical tips on how to better fit into your jeans, how to fit exercise into your busy schedule, and how to reduce stress.

FINISH THAT BOOK With the Chunky Method

Allie Pleiter shares her amazing Chunky Method that helps writers to increase productivity and map out a timeline for writing their books. She also shares her incredible story about how she was able to continue writing and have faith when her teenage son was sick with life-threatening illnesses. Allie's experience and knowledge, as the author of over 50 books that have sold over 1.4 million copies worldwide is so incredible!