Finding What Feeds Your Soul

Kris Macc shares about how we can build real and supportive friendships with other women. She uncovers the secret to being more in tune with our emotions and how this emotional intelligence will not only improve our relationships but will also help us make more money. Kris reveals how to free ourselves from mom-guilt and how we can feed our soul to create the life we have always wanted.

Comparison Trap – Part 3 | The Lie: They’re Judging Me

The third part of the Comparison Trap is the lie that they're judging me. This happens when we are with other people and so consumed with what they think of us, that we are barely even listening to what they are saying. This causes us to miss out on truly connecting with the people around us, and makes us feel small and insecure. In this episode, Connie uncovers the dynamic of this lie and how we can shift it so we can feel more confident and connected with ourselves and the people around us.