4 Keys To Building Influence

Do you want to get your message out in a bigger way and reach more people? Then you need to understand how to effectively build influence. Connie Benjamin shares how to build influence using the 4 keys of influence. She shares how you can start connecting with influential people and building relationships that will help you grow your business and open doorways of opportunities. 

What you will learn

  • Why you need to build influence 
  • The biggest mistakes in building influence 
  • The 4 keys of building influence
  • What’s the biggest mistake you see people making in building relationships with influencers?


Connie Benjamin is the #1 International Best Selling Author of the book Women With Fire, international speaker, and podcast host. After sharing her message from the stage, she realized women entrepreneurs who want to live their purpose through their work without losing their family, or themselves needed a system to guide them in how to do it.

Connie developed a process called the My Fire Within System to help women live their purpose, increase prosperity, and create passionate relationships. The My Fire Within System helped Connie fall in love with her husband again, replace her day job income, and find renewed love in being a stay-at-home mom with her three daughters. 

How to connect with Connie

E-mail: connie@myfirewithin.com

Website: https://www.myfirewithin.com

LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2tf0qv5LinkedInConnieBenjamin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/connie.benjamin.50

Facebook Fan Page: http://bit.ly/2Rdb9ye-conniebenjamin-facebookfanpage

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myfirewithin_/

YouTube: http://bit.ly/2uMjHVb-ConnieBenjamin-YouTube

My Free Gift For You

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In this event you will learn:

– how to have an unstoppable mindset

– how to juggle work & family…without going crazy lol!

– how to use social media to build your business

– and so much more!!

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