Three Influence Building Habits that will bring you Success, Happiness and Health

Have you ever wondered how to grow your business exponentially? Teresa de Grosbois reveals how to build your influence so you can effectively grow your business and become the leader the world needs to you be. She shares the biggest mistakes to avoid and simple, effective habits that help you to build relationships with influential people.

Listen to learn 

  • Why is influence important for mompreneurs today to know about? 
  •  What is one thing that people who achieve enormous influence and success know that others don’t?
  • How does influence help us build a successful business? 
  • What are the easy habits we can do to generate influence?
  • How does authenticity play into influence? 
  • How to share your message with the current global economy. 
  • What’s the biggest mistake you see people making in building relationships with influencers?


Teresa de Grosbois is the #1 international bestselling author of Mass Influence – the habits of the highly influential, which is now a bestseller in 7 countries. As the founder and chair of the Evolutionary Business Council, Teresa works with people around the world wanting to create grassroots change in communities and businesses. A four-time bestselling author, Teresa believes we can shift the thinking of society just by understanding how to generate the spread of positive word of mouth.

What I loved about this Interview

This was such an incredible conversation with Teresa! I have known Teresa for years & I still remember the day we were in my kitchen years ago and she was inspiring me to step up to the leadership role she saw within me. I love what Teresa shares about influence because I know how essential it is to creating an impact in the world. Teresa’s book Mass Influence helped me to launch my book Women With Fire to #1 International best selling in a day thanks to the skills she teaches about influence in her book! I am so grateful that she is with us during this interview sharing game-changing principles that will help you take your message to more of the people who need to hear it.

Teresa’s Bonus Wisdom

What are 3 things you believe every woman entrepreneur should know?

  • How to move from trading your hours for dollars to have a true business that makes money when you sleep.
  • How to network upward,  and get the highly influential in your court
  • How to grow your own influential, to become a sought after expert in your field

What is the greatest challenge you have overcome in your life and what did you learn from it?

  • Leaving a well-paying job that I LIKED, to create a life that I LOVED. 

What is the one area of life you are most passionate about?

  • Right now, it’s the Intentional Community we’re building in Costa Rica.  It’s a community for people who teach success and transformational principles inside their work, based around a shared retreat center.

What is one thing that you wish someone told you that you had to learn the hard way?

  • How to become influential 

 What helps you balance your work, family, and taking care of yourself

  • I do yoga and meditation everyday and I believe in eating a diet that supports health, so I’m careful how I eat.

What is one resource that you love (a book, app, service)

  • Hottest Service is It helps people understand how to set up for large promotional campaigns.

Teresa’s Free Gift

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Teresa’s Quotes

“To get influence you have to give influence.” ~ Teresa de Grosbois

“Authenticity is – when your inner voice says the same thing as your outer voice.” ~ Teresa de Grosbois

“Influential people play big.” ~ Teresa de Grosbois

“Passion is the foundation of authenticity.” ~ Teresa de Grosbois

“Fame shifts conversation. Influence shifts belief.” ~ Teresa de Grosbois

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