Stop Preparing…Start Doing!

What I loved About This Interview 

I loved that Olenka so generously shared her real and tangible advice in this interview. In this interview, she shared how to get back into a peak state of mind so you can show up as your best self in your business, and how to recover your state of mind when life gets hard. She walks you through a step by step system to understanding how to achieve your three big goals for the year.

Who is Olenka?

Olenka Cullinan shares her best-kept secrets to stop preparing…start doing! In this episode, she will walk you through the concrete steps you need to take to map out your three targets for the year, and how to break them down into achievable steps. She will help you avoid the biggest mistakes that women entrepreneurs in startups make and will help you have clarity about the steps you need to take to make your business successful.

Bonus wisdom from Olenka

What is 1 thing you believe every woman entrepreneur should know?

Starting as just as important as success.

When is a time in your life when you went through a challenge or felt like giving up? How did you overcome this

I’ve had many challenges in my businesses. When building my first company, Rising Tycoons, I didn’t ask for help or delegated for a long time and that stalled my business. So when I finally found a mentor, a coach and a couple of interns – my business exploded!

What did you learn from it?

You MUST learn to ask for help.

What is the one area of life or business you are an expert in?

What is one thing you want to share about this that will make all the difference for women?

Taking an idea and making sure it’s marketable and profitable. Taking a business and scaling it. With profits.

If you run a business or a career – profits should matter. Know your worth and charge accordingly.

What is one thing that you wish someone told you that you had to learn the hard way?

Get coaches and ask for help. Being solo is rough.

Please tell me about your family.

What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced with balancing work, family, and taking care of yourself?

Balance of time – activity does not equal productivity! You must rest because you cannot serve anyone on empty.

What did you learn from this challenge?

That if I don’t perform at my best it’s because I don’t take care of myself enough.

What helps you balance these roles now?

Being extremely productive, spending time on joy, and making time for self-care.

What is one resource that you love (a book, app, service)

Toggle app (productivity), and a timer (haha). Canva for all else marketing.

If you have written books or have a blog, what are the titles and where can I find them?


Tips, Tales and Twitterables for Women Pursuing Their Dreams

Purpose, Paycheck. (Amazon)

If you have written several books, which one is most relevant to women intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs?

Tips, Tales and Twitterables for Women Pursuing Their Dreams

I would like to read your book, please provide me with an electronic copy of your book so I can best support you during your interview.

I can mail you a copy.

If you have written a book, would you recommend self-publishing or traditional publishing & why?

Self but with a publisher – blended model. Because marketing and editing matter.

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