How to Sell Without Feeling Salesy

What You Will Learn In This Episode 

Lisa Dadd shares how to sell without feeling salesy. In this episode, she uncovers the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make with sales and shares practical tips about how to find your ideal customers. Lisa shares how to sell in a way that truly serves, and will help you overcome the blocks holding you back with sales.

What I loved About This Interview 

I love that Lisa gives tangible solutions for finding the people who you can serve in your business, how to have genuine conversations with them to understand their needs, and how to have sales conversations that don’t feel salesy! I love her down to earth way of describing what sales really means and how she gives practical solutions for you to serve even more powerfully in your business. With Lisa’s advice, you don’t need to be afraid of sales anymore…I promise!

Who is Lisa?

Lisa Dadd spent 15 years with a Fortune 100 company, learning the foundations of corporate sales and marketing before redirecting that knowledge as an entrepreneur. An intense training in transformational leadership and work in social-emotional intelligence gave her a new appreciation for blending seemingly divergent skills. Today, Lisa enjoys playing with those skills as she creates sales training programs and supports business owners in developing strategies that leverage their greatest talents and connect to their bigger visions.

Lisa’s Generous Gift 

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Bonus Wisdom

These are questions that I asked Lisa outside our interview. You are going to love her answers!

What is 1 thing you believe every woman entrepreneur should know?

Every woman entrepreneur should know that you don’t need all the answers to start.

When is a time in your life when you went through a challenge or felt like giving up? How did you overcome this?

A year before I left corporate, working for a challenging boss…I almost quit and realized a different option that was more empowering.

What is the one area of life or business you are an expert in?

I’m an expert in helping women discover the business model that best suits their desired lifestyle and leverages their greatest strengths and then training them on how to master the sales process related to it.

What is one thing you want to share about this that will make all the difference for women?

Mindset [belief system] is the foundation of building your own dream. If you believe in yourself, you can and will find a way.

What is one thing that you wish someone told you that you had to learn the hard way?

I didn’t need to follow anyone’s idea of what business model was the best, that I could choose based on my skill sets and my current assets.

Please tell me about your family.  What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced with balancing work, family, and taking care of yourself?

I’m single, so I made these choices alone and not having the support of another person or any income to fall back on, and also moved across the country far away from my family to another country.

What is one resource that you love (a book, app, service)?

My favourite app is CANVA.

If you have written books or have a blog, what are the titles and where can I find them?

Book: Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path Between Paycheck and Passion

Digital copy: Download your FREE copy of “Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path Between Paycheck and Passion” to learn some simple ways of overcoming the most common obstacles with lifestyle and career changes.

If you have written a book, would you recommend self-publishing or traditional publishing & why?

I self-published and I would recommend a blended model for most people, and self-publishing as the alternative.

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Book: Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path Between Paycheck and Passion

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