No More Barriers! You Can Make a Living From Your Dream of being a Children’s Author

What You Will Learn In This Episode 

In this episode, Laurie Wright shares how to make a living being a Children’s author. She describes the challenges with juggling being a mom and entrepreneur and tangible advice about how to support our kids while building a business. Laurie reveals key advice about how to publish and market books.

What I loved About This Interview 

I am so grateful for the honest responses that Laurie gave about the reality of being a mompreneur and juggling kids, business, and everything in between. I loved her tangible advice that helps us moms stress less and be more effective in our family and our work. I loved her tangible advice about how to publish and market a book and the resources she shared to help us succeed.

Who is Laurie? 

Children’s author and publishing coach, Laurie Wright is a silly but smart, busy mom of three who laughs at her own jokes just a bit too much. The minivan is her sanctuary, and the only place she can sing out loud without being shushed. She’s known for her short term memory and extreme love of chips and dip. Usually, on her best behavior, watch out when her filter wears off!  Never without her laptop and a notebook. Trust her with your kids and your books, but not your coffee! 

Laurie’s Generous Gift 

A great list of free resources when you’re first starting out as a children’s writer. I don’t believe in spending loads of $$ on a new venture when you’re not sure how it will do!

Bonus Wisdom

These are questions that I asked Laurie outside our interview. You are going to love her answers! 

What is 1 thing you believe every woman entrepreneur should know?

That we have a natural rhythm, and it’s okay to go with it. Some days will be mellow, do the bare minimum days, and some days will be 12-hour power sessions. We don’t have the same energy every day, and rather than fight against that and try to force it, it’s better to roll with our natural rhythms.

When is a time in your life when you went through a challenge or felt like giving up?

When I published my first book, a handful of my friends bought one and that was it for about 6 months. I felt it was time to move on.

How did you overcome this?

I left it alone for a few months, did other things (a TEDx talk, spoke at 6 teacher conventions) and then I started learning. I paid attention to people who’d been there ahead of me and did what they did.

What did you learn from it?

That it’s SMART to pay attention to people who’ve done what you want to do!

What is the one area of life or business you are an expert in?

Children’s books! Writing, publishing and selling them.

What is one thing you want to share about this that will make all the difference for women?

Many parents read with their kids and get their own story ideas while doing so. There aren’t any barriers to publishing anymore, so why not go for it?

What is one thing that you wish someone told you that you had to learn the hard way?

To maintain my hobbies. I have been such a workaholic the past few years, I’ve stopped almost everything else.

Please tell me about your family. What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced with balancing work, family, and taking care of yourself?

Balancing it all is for sure the hardest. I spent a few years burning the candle at both ends, then when I was earning more money, I made small changes that allowed for better time management. Slowly I’ve made changes that allowed for better prioritization of my time. Eg. I hired a house cleaner, hired an assistant, and last spring was able to semi-retire my husband, who now does all the heavy lifting around the house!

What did you learn from this challenge?

That I can do anything! But it isn’t always in our (my family’s) best interest.

What helps you balance these roles now?

I try hard to delegate the things other people can do, and give my attention to what only I can do

What is one resource that you love (a book, app, service)?

Love my google calendar, and my Acuity Scheduler

If you have written books or have a blog, what are the titles and where can I find them?

If you have written several books, which one is most relevant to women intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs?

My books are for kids, to help them boost self-esteem and self-efficacy (in other words, combat learned helplessness).

If you have written a book, would you recommend self-publishing or traditional publishing & why?

Absolutely self-publishing, in fact, I coach people on this! For speed, control, and financial benefits.

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FB/IG @lauriewrightauthor 

LI @lauriewrighter

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