Finding What Feeds Your Soul

What You Will Learn In This Episode

In this episode, Kris Macc shares about how we can build real and supportive friendships with other women. She uncovers the secret to being more in tune with our emotions; and how this emotional intelligence will not only improve our relationships but will also help us make more money. Kris reveals how to free ourselves from mom-guilt, and how we can feed our soul to create the life we have always wanted.

What I loved About This Interview

I have a confession. I picked up Kris’s book #No Approval Needed the day before our interview, and I couldn’t put it down. I was entranced by the incredible stories and lessons from women around the globe as they talked about everything, from mom-guilt to the skeletons in their closets. I was in awe of how we, as women, are more alike than we are different.

I was truly excited to talk to Kris to dive into what prompted her to begin a journey of interviewing women from each continent about their experiences of life, and her biggest lessons from them. I loved our conversation together about vulnerability and truly connecting with others. I appreciated her willingness to dive into the tangible steps women can take to reach out to each other and build lasting friendships. I felt encouraged by her advice about dealing with mom-guilt, and how we can be more kind to ourselves and each other.

This interview lit a fire within me to connect on a deeper level with the women around me. It helped me to know that I am not alone in my experiences and that we really can do more together than we can apart. I know you are going to love this conversation.

Who is Kris Macc

Kris Macc (Kris Macchiarola), Ed.S. is the founder and president of KMACC SOLUTIONS, a consulting firm specializing in emotional intelligence and leadership development in the workplace. As a consultant, speaker, and coach, she has worked with Fortune 500 and mid-size companies, non-profits, and universities. She believes in the power of women supporting women! Kris lives in Tampa with her family. She loves traveling and practicing yoga in her spare time.

Kris’s Generous Gift

Click on this link to download a copy of the #NoApprovalNeeded Manifesto.

Bonus Wisdom

These are questions that I asked Kris outside our interview. You are going to love her answers!

What is 1 thing you believe every woman entrepreneur should know?

Trust your gut and to don’t be afraid to phone a friend.

When is a time in your life when you went through a challenge or felt like giving up?

As a “soloprenuer” I have had my moments.

How did you overcome this?

By getting curious about the triggers, pausing, and reflecting, and reaching out to a trusted mentor.

What did you learn from it?

I learned to expect the ups and downs.

What is the one area of life or business you are an expert in?

Emotional Intelligence.

What is one thing you want to share about this that will make all the difference for women?

Emotional intelligence is a set of skills that are life skills. They help us navigate our environment, read the room, trust our gut, pursue meaningful goals, build and maintain relationships, communicate effectively, advocate for our needs, make sound decisions, and cope with challenges.

What is one thing that you wish someone told you that you had to learn the hard way?

To put my ego in the backseat.

Please tell me about your family.

I am the mom of teenage twins (boy and girl).

What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced with balancing work, family, and taking care of yourself?

Learning to practice self-love and put me first at times.

What did you learn from this challenge?

Letting go of the guilt and practicing self-love and self-care allows me to be there for others.

What is one resource that you love?

Yoga, meditation, time with my girlfriends.

If you have written books or have a blog, what are the titles and where can I find them?

#NoApprovalNeeded on Amazon and other retailers worldwide

How to Connect with Kris Macc

Facebook: #NoApprovalNeededBook

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