Picture Your Prosperity

What You Will Learn In This Episode

In this episode, you will learn what the biggest financial mistake that women entrepreneurs make & how to overcome it. You will also learn the best way for women entrepreneurs to deal with the feast & famine rollercoaster involved in running a business. Ellen’s concrete business advice combined with her awareness of how we think and act, helps her give us financial advice that is both doable and effective.

What I loved About This Interview

I really enjoyed diving into financial principles with Ellen. I love that her advice is in alignment with the financial principles I know to be true. Her ability to understand how the brain works and how it impacts our financial decisions and abundance is so powerful. She understood that sometimes we have limiting beliefs; and walked us through how these limiting beliefs impact our bank account. I was so grateful for her practical advice about how to stop these limiting beliefs, and how to create a more abundant mindset.

I appreciated being able to ask Ellen questions that I think really impact women entrepreneurs; like how to deal with the financial roller coaster of owning a business. Let’s face it, owning a business can be a little crazy, and I was grateful for Ellen’s down to earth and practical advice. I also asked her what advice she would give to someone who is broke, has tons of debt, and wants to turn their financial situation around. Her answer was incredible and full of truth.

I think my favorite part of this interview was when I asked Ellen about a time when she felt like giving up. Her vulnerability in sharing about a time in her life when her husband changed jobs and they were financially strapped was so powerful. She shared about the struggle she went through at that time of financial uncertainty, and what helped her to not only get out of it but grow her business by 40% in the midst of a financial depression!

I am grateful for the knowledge, stories, & wisdom that Ellen shared; and I think this financial advice is timely for all of us. I know that as we all improve our financial health, we will be more able to live our purpose and serve those in need around us. You are going to love this time with Ellen!

Who is Ellen?

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP® and Abundance Activist® has made her life’s work educating, counseling, and guiding people to grow their prosperity and to use it as a force for good in their lives and in the world.

She is the co-author of NY Times best-seller, Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality.

Ellen speaks across the globe on creating success and abundance.

Chock full of “left-brain” credentials (MBA, CPA, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™), Ellen also walks on the “right” side, balancing values, big picture ideas, meditation, and a sense of humor with her professional training. She’s as comfortable talking about the power of compound interest as she is the power of belief.

Ellen is a TEDx presenter, and her work has been quoted in such national publications as The New York Times, Money, Time.com, Forbes.com, and The Huffington Post.

Ellen wants to live in and help create a world where everyone is a rock star at handling their money, everybody’s life’s work is filled with meaning, generosity, and abundance, and kids think their moms are forever cool.

Ellen’s Generous Gift

Abundance Activist® Ellen Rogin gives you instant access to her prosperity guided meditations. Each audio packs a powerful boost to your success!

  •  Prosperity Flow Meditation
  •  From Vision to Reality Meditation
  •  Plus, as an added bonus, this special report: Kids and Prosperity: How to Raise Money Smart Children

Bonus Wisdom

These are questions that I asked Ellen outside our interview. You are going to love her answers!

What is 1 thing you believe every woman entrepreneur should know?

What you think, feel, and say to yourself about money has a direct impact on what shows up in your life.

When is a time in your life when you went through a challenge or felt like giving up and how did you overcome this?

In 1999 – with two little kids, a change in my business revenue model, and a husband who decided to leave his job – I changed the way I looked at things and turned our financial situation around quickly.

What did you learn from it?

That being willing to do whatever it takes as well as clarity of purpose makes all the difference.

What is one thing you want to share about this that will make all the difference for women?

Vision and generosity are precursors to prosperity

What is one thing that you wish someone told you that you had to learn the hard way?

When I stop blaming others I move out of difficult situations at lightning speed

Please tell me about your family.

I have a 30-year marriage and two amazing kids who like us and talk to us! (23 and 20). Our son Benjy is working in NY and our daughter Amy is a junior at Northwestern

Rogin Family with some of the Ghana Scholarship University Students

What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced with balancing work, family, and taking care of yourself?

Thinking that there is such a thing as balance. It’s all about priorities

What did you learn from this challenge?

My marriage needs as much attention as our kids and my business

What helps you balance these roles now?

Easier now- kids are out of the house and business is at a different stage – still all about priorities

What is one resource that you love (a book, app, service)?

Insight Timer (a meditation app)

If you have written books or have a blog, what are the titles and where can I find them?

Picture Your Prosperity (see above)

How to Connect with Ellen

Link to your book or Ted Talks

Book – Picture Your Prosperity

TedX talk

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