A Question That Changed My Life

What You Will Learn In This Episode

In this episode, Connie reveals the one question that changed her life. She also answers questions about how she has been able to write her book with a baby, a toddler & a pre-teen at home and how understanding the principle of seasons of life has been game-changing for her and will be for you!

More About This

I remember a time in my life when I felt like I needed to do it all.  I wanted to be a perfect parent, loving and passionate partner, support my community and those in need, build a successful business, and have incredible relationships with all those around me.  The mere thought of all this made me feel as though I was carrying a 1000 pound weight. 

It was at this point I turned to my teacher and mentor Brandon Broadwater for help.  I explained to him that my heart was longing to be with my daughter as she grew up.  I didn’t want to miss anything, but I felt the weight of needing to provide for my family and the desire to serve those outside my family too.  I felt like a part of me was being pulled in so many different directions that I wasn’t sure which way turn.  Then Brandon asked me a question that allowed me to see clearly what I needed to do and what is truly important to me.  He asked me a question that helped me to understand what my heart needed to do and what was most important in this life.  The question he asked was, “what three things are you not willing to live without?” That question seemed as though it pierced my soul as I pondered what I really was not willing to live without.  What would be most important to me…so important that as I looked back over my life, I would know that I lived it well, that the most precious things were put first and that I did not miss out?  Suddenly the answer came to me and I looked up with a knowing in my heart and said with complete confidence, “I am not willing to live without my Creator, living up to my full potential, and my husband and children.”  There it is…those are the things I will fight for in this life to have no matter what.  So the journey began to align my life to the things that matter most and that relationships I so desired to have. 

It is one thing to become clear about the 3 things you are not willing to live without and it is another thing entirely to change your life to create it. At the point in my life when I made this decision to put my 3 things first, we were in debt close to $100,000 and were in the hole $12,000 each month. I was stressed out, feeling empty and frustrated in my job and I felt like I was a zombie going through the motions of my life. I felt like I couldn’t possibly create the life I wanted when I was so busy being stuck in survival mode with no time to even think about what that life might look like, let alone create it.

I decided that I wanted to work from home part-time and be a stay at home momma, but I felt so guilty that Andy would be mostly responsible for financially providing for our family. This was scary for me. We were not “making it” financially as a two-income family. I thought how on earth would be able to provide for our family if I took a drastic pay cut. To say this was a leap of faith would be a serious understatement! Now at the time of this decision, Andy had a cushy government job with health care benefits and a pension. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? On paper, things looked good, but he was not finding joy in his work. He had this feeling screaming within him of wanting to do more, to help more, to be more. Both of us had this feeling of wanting to move towards living our purpose but we were not sure what that meant. Looking back at that moment in my life, amidst the chaos of creation and possibilities, I could not see that we were at a turning point that would change things forever. As Thomas S. Monson said, “The hinges of destiny turn on small hinges.” How true that is. I can look back now and see that the life we have created, living in the place of our dreams with palm trees, staying home with my kids to watch them grow, and replacing our job 9-5 incomes so we could do what we really love to do all started because Andy and I reflected on a life-changing question and then created out our life based on it.

Is this episode, I share with you the question that changed my life and that I know will change yours.

Who is Connie Benjamin?

Connie Benjamin is an international speaker and author of the upcoming book Women With Fire…6 Secrets to Purpose, Profit, and Passion. She is also the host of My Fire Within Radio. After sharing her message from the stage with thousands of people, she realized women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to make a difference in the world through their work without losing their family, or their sanity needed a book to guide them in how to do it.

Connie discovered it was possible to have it all, at the right time, and in the right order, after she learned about Higher Laws principles. Now, she dedicates her time to sharing her knowledge with female self-starters to help them improve their lives. These principles helped Connie restore her marriage from feeling disconnected to being better than the day she and her husband Andy were married! These principles also helped her replace her day job income, as she found renewed love in being a stay-at-home mom with her three daughters, and recovered her health.

Connie knows how essential it is to give back, so she is donating all the profits from the first edition of her book Women With Fire to charity to help families in developing countries access clean water.

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