The Mindset of the Rich & Abundant

What You Will Learn In This Episode

In this episode, Connie Benjamin reveals the mindset of the rich and abundant. She explains how we can shift our perspective to adopt an abundant mindset. This mindset is critical to creating abundance in all areas of life including our finances and relationships.

What I love About This Topic

I often struggled with feeling like I was a bad person. I have done a lot of good things in my life and I try to be a good person but there are times when I find myself thinking negative or unkind thoughts. I would get stuck in those thoughts at times and allow them to pull me down. I wanted to make more money, but I didn’t know how; and there was a part of me that was afraid that I would always struggle financially. I wanted to create a better with my relationship with my husband, but I was so frustrated a lot of the time; and was stuck in blaming him for the turmoil in our relationship. I wanted to be a loving mom; but when crap hit the fan, and my kids were fecal smearing on my bathroom walls, and melting my carpet with a hairdryer, I felt like losing it and yelling at them.

I felt stuck in the patterns of my life that I desperately wanted to break free from, but I was trapped by them. I wanted to create a different life but I didn’t know how; and I didn’t know if I even had it within myself to do it. I worried that I just didn’t have what it takes. I was listening to personal development cd’s and many were telling me to think positively and use affirmations (which is saying positive things about myself); but it felt weird and I didn’t really feel much different after I did these things. I worried that something was wrong with me. Why couldn’t I just overcome the negative part of myself that was holding me back?

I will never forget the day I looked at the drawing on the paper in front of me. It seemed simple enough and at first, I didn’t understand it. It was a few days later that I was thinking about a couple I was coaching who were having relationship challenges with intimacy. I stopped for a moment and glanced down at the drawing of the principle scribbled on a scrap piece of paper; and that is when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I saw clearly how this principle helped make sense of why sometimes we feel stuck, or angry, or like we can’t do something. It made sense why we at times feel like it is too hard to start and that we don’t want to try. It made sense why sometimes we feel hope and sometimes despair. It made sense when we get in arguments with people we love and why we don’t have the money we want. It all made sense. I began to understand why this one principle would change everything, and why I needed to fully understand it, so I could break myself free from the things that were holding me back. I became aware that it was a major piece of the puzzle to having more money, passionate relationships, and happiness in this life.

The principle that brought all of these things to light for me was something that Brandon Broadwater calls the Prosperity Quadrant. When you understand it and start to use it in your life, it will set you free.

In this episode, I will explain what the Prosperity Quadrant is, and how understanding it will help you to step into a mindset that will empower you to create the life you want.

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