Make More Money by Being Unashamedly You!

Belinda Pruyne shares the secret to making more money by being clear about your core values. She helps us understand how to stand up for what is right instead of being liked. Belinda shares her story of how she built a successful business while going through tremendous loss. She reveals the secret to seeking what we truly desire instead of other people's version of success.

How to Choose to Smile Through Life’s Biggest Trials

Glenda Standeven shares her incredible journey with losing her leg and half of her hip to cancer. She describes how she not only got through this tremendous challenge but how she triumphed by choosing to smile and inspiring others. Glenda also courageously talks about her husband’s battle with cancer and how they have created a passionate and loving relationship that overcomes any challenge they face (If you have little ears listening to this podcast...we talk about intimacy in detail around the 30-minute mark). Her story is inspiring and will not only help anyone facing a challenge but will encourage you to find joy in the journey.

Why Women Need To Stick Together

Connie Benjamin describes why she believes that there is a strength when women stand together and support one another. She talks about the dangers of what she calls the Comparison Trap and how we need to strive to become a better version of ourselves instead of comparing ourselves to other women. Connie emplores women to strive to uplift and encourage themselves and the women around them!